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  • Cheiron, founded in 2002 by a respected team of seasoned actuarial consultants to establish a new standard of professional accountability, is a full-service firm with a national client base. Our clients primarily consist of large public employers and multi-employer Taft-Hartley plans. We also serve non-profits and corporate single-employer plans.

    Cheiron is known for its consultants’ ability to tackle particularly complex and challenging engagements expeditiously, as well as for the sophistication of its client-focused interactive modeling technology. Our professional staff includes about thirty consultants and an equal number of actuaries and analysts. They receive ongoing technical support from former top-level federal ERISA officials.

    Operating from offices in Washington, DC, Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland (Oregon), our primary business is in the pension and health areas, where we help clients identify, measure, and monitor financial risks, and assist them in addressing those risks.

    Cheiron’s consultants have been called in to assist the World Bank in advising national governments on improving national pension systems, the U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation on analyzing its liabilities, and other high-stakes engagements.

    For traditional pension plan sponsors, our standard services include:

    • Annual actuarial valuations
    • Recommending contribution levels
    • Preparing necessary government filings and/or accounting reports
    • Calculating the pension fund’s annual required contribution
    • Calculating the cost of plan benefit changes
    • Reviewing of language drafted by fund counsel on proposed amendments
    • Consulting on issues relating to the pension fund operation, and
    • Attending Board of Trustee meetings upon request

    In addition, we perform:

    • Ad hoc studies on plan experience, benefit design, and financing approaches
    • Specialized studies on emerging trends in plan design such as Deferred Retirement Option Programs (DROP)
    • Asset/Liability studies with a focus on helping trustees better understand the risks inherent in pension plan investment strategies
    • Specialized studies of transitions from defined benefit to defined contribution programs
    • Independent actuarial audits of your current actuarial work, and
    • Design and develop customized technology applications such as web-enabled benefit calculators, funding (budget) projections systems, and customized administration and employee communication systems.

    For health & welfare clients our consulting services include:

    • Annual report and annual presentation
    • Assist the Trustees/Sponsors in the implementation of benefit changes
    • Assistance during negotiations with the insurers
    • Postretirement liabilities and funding
    • IBNP (also known as IBNR) calculations
    • Drafting notices about plan amendments and Summary Plan Descriptions
    • Developing COBRA premiums
    • Assisting in issues of plan design
    • Assisting in issues of administration or regulatory changes affecting the program, and
    • Attendance at Board of Trustee/Plan Sponsor meetings